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About Erin

Erin Page – Kill Hatsumomo Press

Chicago-based Illustrator and Silk-screen artist

these images are bred from dreams and nightmares, vintage ephemera, childhood memories, and nostalgia. In my shadow lies your saints and your devils. In my footsteps follow your charms and your curses. The smoke rises in an opium den and I am there to breathe your breath. The voices carry in a gospel choir and I see through the stained glass windows. I carry a box of feathers and shells Рglass and keys Рbones and trinkets Рyour hopes and desires. I sleep in deserts and oceans, I walk through abandoned houses in barren fields, I swing high so I can jump and hold my hands out. A black cat sits on my shoulder and I toss bottles with fortunes into the tide. I ride on a pale horse. Take my hand.